I specialize in black and grey semi-realistic and illustrative work, implementing soft paper shading and at times ornamental elements, as well as blackwork and neotribal. I also love anime and manga tattoos. My personal style is inspired by the images of dark nostalgia and surrealism. Tattooing has been my main passion in life for a few years now. I strive for improvement and perfection in my craft.


I’ve been tattooing about 5 years, developed a love for tattoos/ tattooing by getting heavily tattooed at a young age . 100 percent self taught .becoming popular for doing indigenous/woodlands style floral patterns, inspired by beadwork and paintings . But also love to do all types of floral, mandala , west coast style ( Haida – coast Salish ect ) and any type of tribal.


Born and raised in sunny St. James, Winnipeg MB, LJ Hutchinson fell in love with tattoos after seeing his Dad’s best friend’s ink. His artistic ability was passed along to him from his Great Grandmother.

Working in various types of mediums from pencil to oil paint, it was only a matter of time until he turned his passion for art into tattoos.

With 6 years experience, LJ has developed his style and is very skilled in black and grey design and floral.

His calm manner, sense of humour, and creative nature have all come together to help create a lifetime of memories for his clients.


My name is Mila. I have been drawing since childhood in graphics, which determined my direction in tattooing. I graduated from art school and then got an art education in college. Worked as a concept sculptor, designed cute characters for applications. I became interested in tattooing after I visited the tattoo festival in Kyiv in 2017. And since then I have been doing tattoos, first as a hobby, now as my main activity. I love creating stylish herbal compositions and cute cartoon characters. I work in the technique of linework and dotwork.


Self taught artist, I’ve been tattooing full time for 2.5 years. 100 % self taught multi talented artist. Love doing all styles, but would love to start doing more realism.


Yes, like Princess of Power! I’ve always been a creative person. My love for art and creativity started from redrawing my favourite 2000’s anime as a kid. That obsession brought me to drawing still life and human anatomy at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I’m now a business school dropout turned tattoo artist. Even though I’m still new to the scene, I have found my passion for fine line tattooing. I love all floral, micro-realism, and anime & manga style projects. Can’t wait to poke you !


I am a painter from Ukraine. I’ve been drawing since childhood. It’s the main hobby in my life and It’s my passion. Until recently I was drawing portraits to order but 1.5 years ago I decided to master the art of tattoo.
It was the best decision in my life. I work in graphic and realism style. I really love my job. I make tattoos responsibly and with love!


I am a tattoo artist. Ever since I picked up my first tattoo machine, I can’t imagine my life without my work.
I have been tattooing for more than 4 years. I can work in different styles, but still I prefer the graphic style and myco-realism. You can see all my work on my Instagram page foxy_tattoo, I also draw my sketches for tattoos. I like fantasy motifs such as dragons or mythical animals.
I really love my job, I love to make people’s dreams come true and see their smiles.I have known since a very young age, that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I have always been drawn to the body modification world, and now I’m beginning my career! I am very grateful to have the chance to apprentice under the many talented artists at Odin’s Eye and hope to be tattooing very soon!


I’m an American traditional/Neo-traditional Artist. I love doing large scale black work as well as sweet witchcraft and Norse mythology/weaponry art! Open to creating your idea in my style I hope to work with you soon!


I was born and raised in Winnipeg.  I have been drawing since I was a kid and tattooing for ten years. Family is the most important thing in my life and I strive to treat my clients as if they are family.  I listen to their ideas and work with them to create a piece that has meaning to them and is something they will love to display on their skin for years too come. It brings me such joy to see the happiness on clients faces when they see a custom piece for the first time. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you helped someone to express themselves and what is important to them. I am grateful to have a space at Odin’s Eye and to be surrounded by such a talented crew that helps me to further grow and expand my talent to bring the best to my clients.