Igor T.

Hello, my name is Igor. I’m from Ukraine. I graduated from the Kharkov Pedagogical University named after Skovoroda with a degree in advertising design. After completing my education, I discovered my passion for tattooing and decided to make it my career. Over the past 11 years, I have honed in on my craft by combining my design experience with my artistic vision to create unique and meaningful tattoos for my clients. My background in advertising design gives me a unique perspective on composition, color, and visual storytelling that makes my work in the tattoo industry stand

I also love fixing up old tattoos. Correcting what a person no longer likes and giving them an emotion that is difficult to find elsewhere is not an easy task.


I’m a passionate artist who has discovered a tattoo craft. I love the process of tattooing, and I want to continue exploring my skills in the art world.

Dat Nguyen

Each tattoo I create is a unique story, and I’m here to be the storyteller through the art of ink. I have a deep love for Asian-inspired, Feng Shui, and mythical creature tattoos, but I’m not limited to those styles. I’m always ready to explore different styles like realism, micro realism, calligraphy, and more. Let’s collaborate and create a personalized and meaningful masterpiece that reflects your individuality.


I am a piercer here at Odin’s Eye Tattoo and Piercing’s. I became fascinated by piercings and body modifications in my early teen years. I enjoy curating ears and helping my clients discover what looks good on them. I’m very drawn to ornate and delicate jewelry. I hope to see you in my chair.


Hi I’m Natalia. I come from ukraine. I have a strong passion for art and tattooing. I would love to tattoo you!

Igor S.

My life purpose is to be an artist. Therefore, my natural environment is art in all its manifestations. I see it every moment and in everything. This ability that led me to painting with oil paints, painting temples, sculpture, design. For me, the human body is also a temple for the soul, and in my opinion, it should be decorated only with the best. Therefore, my experience and knowledge gives me the opportunity to feel and create the most suitable tattoo for a person.


I am an artist from Ukraine and painting for me is the meaning of my life. And for me it doesn’t matter on what exactly, it can be canvas, paper or human skin. The only thing that matters is the process of creation and satisfaction of the person who will wear a tattoo from me.


Hello. My name is Tim, I am a tattoo artist from Ukraine. I have been doing tattoos for 7 years, the last 4 years I worked in Poland and Germany. I mostly work in a black and gray style, I also do colored tattoos, I like Japanese style, and New School, and I also cover old tattoos. I love my work very much. I value my clients and their ideas. Contact me if you want a quality tattoo.


Hey! I’m Ilena, and I LOVE my job! I’m a self taught artist who became interested in tattooing while still in Highschool! Everyone said I should give it a shot but I never thought this would be my full time Career! I love a lot of styles and I continue to experiment and grow as an artist. My favourite part of my Job is getting to meet so many wonderful people.


I started drawing in early age and graduated 4yrs in University of Architecture in Ukraine. When I was at school, I was blew away when I first saw a video of Master “Dmitry Samohin” on Youtube. It was the reason I started doing tattoo in 2019.
Style: Realism, Surrealism