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Hi I'm Viktoria

I am a tattoo artist. Ever since I picked up my first tattoo machine, I can’t imagine my life without my work. I have been tattooing for more than 4 years. I can work in different styles, but still I prefer the graphic style and myco-realism. You can see all my work on my Instagram page foxy_tattoo, I also draw my sketches for tattoos. I like fantasy motifs such as dragons or mythical animals. I really love my job, I love to make people’s dreams come true and see their smiles.I have known since a very young age, that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I have always been drawn to the body modification world, and now I’m beginning my career! I am very grateful to have the chance to apprentice under the many talented artists at Odin’s Eye and hope to be tattooing very soon!

My work